Profil Biodata Presenter TV MARISSA ANITA

Marissa Anita anchors 8-11 Show and Headline News. She earned a master's degree in Media Practice from Sydney University and a bachelor's degree in education from Atma Jaya University, Jakarta.
She is also a regular field reporter and has been present at many important events in Indonesia's recent history including the aftermath of the 2009 hotel bombings, the Situ Gintung dam disaster, and numerous political events, from demonstrations and policy debates to inaugurations and legal proceedings.

She loves interviewing people from all walks of life, and memorable interviewees have included Fatima Bhutto, Slumdog Millionaire writer Vikas Swarup, and Maida - a grandmother who has lived in a goat shack since being evicted from her home.

Marissa aims to contribute to the improvement of news reporting in Indonesia by presenting balanced stories that inform, challenge and uplift audiences.

She speaks fluent English and Indonesian, as well as a smattering of Italian, Mandarin, and Japanese.

She's also an avid film and theatre buff.

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