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Andy Griffith (1926-2012) Aktor | Producer | Kru Miscellaneous Andy Griffith terkenal karena peran-perannya membintangi dua serial televisi yang sangat populer, The Andy Griffith Show dan Matlock. Griffith meraih gelar di bidang musik dari University of North Carolina di Chapel Hill. Pada tahun 1950, ia menjadi reguler di The Ed Sullivan Show dan The Steve Allen Plymouth. Dia adalah fitur dalam drama Broadway "No Time for Sergeants" (1955) di mana dia menerima nominasi Tony. Berikut profile biodata Andy Griffith Lahir: Andy Samuel Griffith 7 Juni 1926 di Mount Airy, North Carolina, Amerika Serikat Meninggal: July 3, 2012 (usia 86) di Dare County, North Carolina, AS

Best known as Sheriff Andy Taylor of “The Andy Griffith Show,” Andy Griffith died this morning at age 86. If you’re of a certain age, you’ll remember that show with its cast of colorful characters, including Opie (Ron Howard), Aunt Bea (Francis Bavier), Gomer (Jim Nabors) and of course the nervous deputy Barney Fife (Don Knotts), whose gun was always empty, with Andy retaining one bullet in case of emergency.

The show ran from 1960-1968, and was immensely popular. I watched it nearly every week. The NYT notes:

But the 35 million viewers of “The Andy Griffith Show” would have been reassured to learn that even at the peak of his popularity, Mr. Griffith drove a Ford station wagon and bought his suits off the rack. He said his favorite honor was having a 10-mile stretch of a North Carolina highway named after him in 2002. (That was before President George W. Bush presented him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2005.)
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