Galeri Foto YoonA’s SNSD dari Majalah “In Style"

YoonA's Mature Look for “In Style” Magazine - SNSD’s YoonA who currently rest after long schedule shooting for drama series Love Rain had a photo shoot for the fashion magazine, “In Style.” Although she was tired from long time shooting a coming back, she said, “It’s been so long since I last had my own photo shoot. I want to make it perfect so I can brag about it to the other members.” She was bright and energetic throughout the shoot while she revealed her breathtaking charm once again.
YoonA took photos in a see-though dress and a ruffled lace dress, among others, showing a cute and lovely look to a more mature, fancy look. She is not just an “innocent girl” anymore. She’s shown so much more depth than that – she has fully matured into a woman. Either way, though, she’s still pretty.
Take a look some a beautiful photos below!

Dating normal? Of course I want it to with my lovely ! I want to see movies, eat bulgogi, walk around holding hands…Hope there will be a lot of day like that for me in the future, right?”

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