Top Fuel Drag Racing Free Full Game

Ever dreamed of taming over a thousand horsepower dragsters in one of the most nervous of the world? In Top Fuel drag racing, you embark on the head drag racing and build your car into the first world championship.
The more powerful vehicles from the slopes
Top Fuel Drag Racing Free Full
Whoever has had the honor to see a great play sports a ripped fierce imagine that there must be easy to hold the steering wheel a Beast like this. Any accelerated else can end in tragedy.

Plenty of power in your control.

Well, here it is also not easy to keep your dragster and its hundreds of horses on the track. Anyone who has ever watched a race on television knows that the powerful vehicles tend to take off the ground, which usually does not end well, so beware!

How do you control it?

His accelerator is a red ball in the corner below the screen. Click and drag the mouse to control the intensity of the dashes. Look greatly speed up the car at the beginning of each gear, and then ease your foot so it does not turn back. Also pay attention to the starting line before the green light. If the excess, you are disqualified.

Time to build a new car.

As a reward for getting ahead of your opponents, you gain a good amount of money. Before each race, you can change the characteristics of your vehicle and buy new equipment. It is not difficult to deduce that you need a big engine and a lot of wings to become the king of the slopes, is not it?

Tip: If the game is running off with your computer, try to enable graphic effects in the game options. Thus, the look of the game becomes much more enjoyable.

The game is completely free, but bring an exaggeration in advertising to your Desktop. In addition to the new links on your desktop, every time you start or quit the game, there is a warning advertising, they can not harm your computer and can be closed to expedite the process.
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