Positive Ypy hits stores nationwide

The consumer can now buy the first tablet completely designed for the Brazilians, from studies and research on their actual needs and predilections. The Positive Ypy 7, created by Positive Computing, the largest manufacturer and leader in computer sales in Brazil, comes to retail in two versions: the Wi-Fi and 3G.
Positive Ypy hits stores nationwide
The experience of using the Positive Ypy already starts at the opening of the product packaging. By connecting it the first time you watch a video tutorial that teaches about the tablet and its configuration. The main differential hardware Positive Ypy capacitive multitouch screen is its high resolution and 4:3 aspect ratio, ideal for consuming digital content, especially books, magazines and newspapers, and web pages.

The virtual keyboard is also fully in Portuguese, with keys "dot com" and cedilla. The product also has a motion sensor (accelerometer), which can be used in games, and HDMI output to be connected to the TV, plus support for sites using Adobe Flash.

In design, the highlight is the texture back, which gives more comfort and safety to the user. The front of the capacitive buttons are illuminated Positive Ypy 7, and regardless of orientation - vertical or horizontal - the product is always in the corr

It has the largest screen resolution between the products of commercially available 7-inch, 1024x768, and front camera for video conferencing. The Android operating system is 2.3.4, the version most suitable for 7-inch screens. The battery is long lasting, with range of up to nine hours in constant use.

Along with the Positive Ypy, the consumer is given a protective cap, Quick Start Guide with key information and settings, and USB cable and charger. The product has a one year warranty and technical support throughout the country. The Positive Ypy 7 is on sale at major retailers in Wi-Fi version for $ 999 and 3G for $ 1,199. By Christmas, retailers must also reach the Positive Ypy 10, 9.7-inch versions also Wi-Fi and 3G.
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