[November] Free 100 High PR Profile Backlinks & EDU site

Further below you can find a list of more than 100 high PR profile backlinks. Of course, we all know that building a few profile backlinks won’t get us a top 3 position for a high traffic keyword on Google. But I also had some pretty good experiences with those kinds of backlinks for low and even medium competition keywords.
It is pretty difficult to test, but I have the impression that high PR profile backlinks provide the best results compared to other low-quality backlinks.

I had several sniper sites that were stuck somewhere around position 20-30 on Google for my target keyword (relatively low competition, but still) and building ~10-20 quality profile backlinks allowed me to get those pages ranked in the top 10 and I think that’s not so bad for 30-40 minutes of work.

100 High PR Profile Backlinks Download Here
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