Email From Luminate "Image Overlay Ad Update"

Dear Publisher,

We’re writing today to provide you with additional information about the disruption in the image overlay ads portion of our service, and about how we have improved our service. This follows-up on the email we sent several days ago.

At Luminate, we take the quality of content associated with our applications and advertiser programs very seriously. We cannot tolerate content that does not comply with our Publisher Guidelines. Even though we do not publish or host any images ourselves, we are still extremely careful about where Luminate technology appears.

Recently, we became aware that Luminate technology was appearing on allegedly illegal content. Because our guidelines are important to Luminate and our publisher community, we temporarily disabled the display of all image overlay ads so that we could improve and upgrade our monitoring systems. That was a necessary step so that we could help prevent future violations. Our new systems will not only ensure more rigorous compliance, they will also make sites affiliated with Luminate more attractive to premium brand advertisers. This will ultimately benefit Luminate’s entire publisher community by bringing even more high quality advertisers to your sites.

We’re putting a great deal of effort into these changes to create the best possible experience for consumers, publishers and advertisers. We are also moving quickly to restore image overlay advertising to all publishers who meet Luminate’s Publisher Guidelines.

We hope to begin the process of reinstating our publishers soon. • So that your service can be resumed as quickly as possible,

we recommend that you leave the Luminate JavaScript as it
is because removing it and adding it back later will slow
down the process.

• We also want to assure you that we have already sent payment

for any earned revenue from September so you should be
receiving it shortly, if you haven’t already.
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