Paypal verification difficult it

paypal verification difficult it is how I feel when I really need a paypal account to make shopping and domain hosting.
why not? the article I've verified the services of VCC but instead limited and disabled accounts.
Then I create a new paypal account using the name of the elderly. and has been approved by my parents.
but parents do not have a card just in Indonesia kususnya kredit.maklum in areas like my hometown is rarely use credit cards.
then I ask verifiksai use a bank account, but paypal request a copy of a picture driver's license, and bank accounts.
I have sent a copy of my bank account and my identity card.
but paypal tetep request a driver's license that dikirim.orang My parents are old and do not have a driver's license. I try to file a complaint with paypal ... hopefully it can be verified and I will update this article.
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