Movie Preview Make Up (2011) Subtitle

Release Info: NFO
Subtitle: Indonesia, English
Being a mortuary cosmetologist, Min-Hsiu is used to see dead body, until accidentally spotting a female corpse – her high school teacher Miss Chen Ting. Nie Cheng-Fu is Chen Ting’s husband, loves his wife profoundly and try to find more memories of her through Min-Hsiu’s help. Just then, a detective, Kuo Yung-Ming senses that the truth behind this case may not be so simple as it seems. Death is not the end of the life, but another beginning of it….
Release Date: 13 May 2011 (Taiwan)
Genre: Drama | Fantasy
Stars: Bryant Chang, Hsieh Hsin-Ying, Sonia Sui, Wu Chung-tien, Kate Yeung, Chang Shao-Huai, Pu Hsueh-Liang
Movie Preview Make Up (2011) Subtitle
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