Modern minimalist interior design

Creating an attractive design is the work of each planner. Design it will be more interesting if her in Dab pembantu.Untuk elements, we must know how to design in every room. Design space with one another will not be the same. This can be in the know through the functions, activities and objectives of the space itself.
A building covering a lot of space. These spaces is an organization itself. In one building to be undertaken and the hallmark of the same style. Do not let the lack sesuain occur, for example containing colonial era buildings with a modern style or vice versa. It may not have all the conveniences of buildings there, but at least living room, family room, hall, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and toilet should be there. Unless the land where the house was sufficiently broad that it could be coupled with a swimming pool, front porch, garden, garage and work temapat.
Here we will give you a little theory about the characteristics of each room so that you facilitate mengenail detail the benefits of each room of your home:

1. Living room and living room.

Serimg living room combined with living room, especially in modern homes are relatively small, so sometimes living room has a double function. Living room is the center of life in the house. Therefore the position, design, size and shape is very important and affects the planning, utilization and the occurrence of other spaces.

2. Function

Living space is planned to fulfill many functions. The exact function depends on the habitat of life of people living there. Inside the house, living space is often a sense of place of meeting between members of the family, recreation center, library, music room and sleeping room. Design should therefore be adjusted.

3. Design

There is no other way to design a room except one, namely preferential sense, habitat and personality someone who will occupy that space. If the residents want a sense of the modern, the walls, ceiling floors must mempuyai an impression that is commensurate with clean, functional lines of an architecture of modern and stylish furniture that particular period, style tercemin in the design space.
Living space must be memorable inviting, comfortable and comforting. Appearances can be achieved with the selection of materials in walls, roof and floor of the right, also with colors and good lighting techniques.
Giving decor on a plan similar to choosing underwear model. Colors and styles and materials can reduce errors and provide a wonderful point. For example the use of mirror glass will improve the design of a small room that looks great.

4. Wall

Planning and placement of doors, windows and auxiliary elements on the walls can change the overall appearance of a room. Types of wall coverings that are used for example: stucco, wood panels, brick, stone, marble, glass and other artificial boards, also affect the appearance. Everything is not as though - will look later but it should really be planned as part of a union.

5. Ceiling

Many conventionally planned ceiling with flat surfaces. Material - Modern materials are now demanding efficient usage, such as utilization of the blocks on the ceiling as well as the design, so that no material is left. Beam was closed again by the board or another sheet. If it is planned as a beautiful roof or ceiling can be profiled with a panel-pamel that juts down.
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