Bioskop Preview Sector 7 (2011) Subtitle NA

Release Info: NFO
Subtitle: Indonesia, English (N/A)
Three-dimensional films have become a dime a dozen in Hollywood, but they are still untapped territory in Korea, which makes the release of "Sector 7" significant in Korean film history. And "Sector 7" is hoping to pave the way for 3-D film market in Korea.
The film depicts the crew of an oil drillship that battles a sea monster that has been transformed by a virus.
"Sector 7" is unique in that it features a female warrior as the lead, which is hard to find in most Korean films. Actress Ha Ji-won, who played a stunt woman in the drama series "Secret Garden" earlier this year, goes further than that in "Sector 7."
"Sector 7" is available with English subtitles at Myeongdong Station, Guro, Gangnam and Yongsan CGVs.
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Release Date: 4 August 2011 (South Korea)
Genre: Action | Adventure | Horror
Cast: Ji-won Ha, Sung-kee Ahn and Ji-ho Oh
Bioskop Preview Sector 7 (2011) Subtitle NA
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