Advertise on Indo Metal Goth™

Advertise on Indo Metal Goth™

Average Traffic Stats

Indo Metal Goth™ has the following average traffic:

Per Day :
Per Month :
Page Views/Impressions
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In addition to the traffic numbers shown above, Indo Metal Goth™ also has the following Alexa rating: 
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The goal of many sites is to get this number below 100,000 as that is considered a site with a good amount of traffic.
Proceed to the Ad Options on Indo Metal Goth™

Target Audience :
 *Male / female between the ages of 15 to 30 years

Type of advertiser :
#Musicians / Band
#Management Artis
#Label Record
#Events Organizer
#Instrumental Store
#And Many More..........!!!

What Ads Will I Reject?

While I won’t reject many valid advertisements, I will set a limit on the type of ad I will accept. The ads must meet the following criteria:

   1. Must be safe for all audiences. No adult-related advertisements.
   2. Must not be a make-money online scheme, or about gaming an advertising network.
   3. Must not be offensive.
   4. Must not be misleading.

If any ad does not meet the above criteria, I will reject it outright. All ads must be approved by me, and I reserve the right to reject any ad at any time.

Ad Type :
#Image Banner
(All Size)
#Flash Banner
(Al Size)
#Post Review
(Contact Us)

Method of Payment :
Per Month : Only 50K IDR
Transfer Via Local Bank indonesia


Or Via 

Western Union Quick Cash

Or Via
Transfer Pulsa

If you wish, Send me a message using the “Contact Us” form and we can work something out.
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