Take for example the K Workstation

f you home is tight on space you’ll probably forgo installing a computer workspace.  Which is too bad because everyone should be able to separate their home life from their work, but not all of us can afford a palatial pad with an extra room for knocking out after hours work.  However, if you get creative you can double down on your space and the utility of your furniture.

Take for example the K Workstation.  The shelf flows directly into the workstation providing not only a work space but an aesthetically pleasing setup.  The website is a bit devoid of details and as far as we can tell it’s still in the development stage.  And speaking of which, the K Workstation appears to be be currently in the design phase, at least according to the website, which reads “Under Product Development in Sweeden.”

Chances are it won’t be too expensive, when and if it ever goes into production, since it will be made from either Plywood or the always renewable bamboo.
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