So You'd Rather Be Dead - Survival Tips for Public Speaking

if you're gearing up for a client presentation, a college lecture, and awards banquet ... and whether it's your first or 100th, you probably feel a little anxiety before public speaking engagement. You are not sami.Nedavne Google search for "fear of public speaking" appeared 4.9 million results. There is even a technical term for it: Glossophobia. And it is among the top fears of people:. According to national surveys, the fear of public speaking beyond the fear of illness, flying, terrorism, and even death

Jerry Seinfeld famously said: "At the funeral, the average person would rather be in the coffin than giving praise." Funny, but true.

My public speaking career lasted four decades, in the vicinity of 1000 angažmane.Glossophobe, I did. But I can certainly relate to nervous. Let me take you back to my first night on the radio ...

It's1973. There are two turntables spinning, playing a live, one MiG-ING to be next. My nerves were at an all-time high, I doubt my career choices and second guessing every word I say. My adrenaline was pumping so hard, my eyes were popping out of their sockets. And here I am, watching these two turntables and wondering ... which to live? I'm spinning around my head over the turntables, trying to read the labels, such as a circle at 33 1 / 3 rpms. Mind you, this is the first time I ever said where he actually matters (except for high school speech class). Truth of the matter: Fear rises male voice for a few octaves (you can imagine I sound like Frankie Valli's younger sister). So, I pick up the record I think it's a sign ... and the live music stops. Oops. Wrong record. Since it is brilliantly intelligent and worldly, I figure they can put the needle back to the place I have built from. Not so much.

This, my friends, was the start of a public speaking career that has lasted four decades, and close to 1000 engagements, from radio to weathercasts, telethons, Miss Teen USA, fundraisers, awards banquets, university guest lectures, and the final coup de grace ... Cub Scout Pinewood Derby. I guess I have as much authority on public speaking as the next guy.

People often ask me: "How did you hear that?" Thus, in a series of blogs, I'll give you my take.

First things first. Why are you saying, in relation to someone else? Which brings us to ...

Rule number one: Capitalize on why you chose to speak. Maybe you're considered an expert on the subject and / or in your industry. There may be a logical reason (You are the boss ... that's your budget). Or maybe it's simply because you're known as an entertainment and have a great sense of humor.Činjenica that you were chosen for a reason. Capitalize on these grounds. This is what we got here first.

Begin by making a short list of the advantages we have in relation to the audience. Use our list to get you going, and feel free to add to its impressive qualities, too:





person / sense of humor

ability to present information in a fun way

The ability to disarm an audience

ability to provide other potential

As you create your list, write one or two entries that justify each. Do not be ostentatious, and vice versa, do not sell it short. Find a comfortable way to walk right down the middle. Remember, you are looking for authenticity, not heroism. This is a great way to set the relationship between you and your audience (which is especially important if you do not know that ).

So, you've made your list, you have justified their existence polite, and voila, you've got your opening. Very good.
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