Preview HTC Sensation Xe - Spec + Feature Sensation Xe

HTC Sensation and Xe - Some time ago, HTC announced its cooperation with the Electronic Beats, an audio company known for its series of products Beats Audio. Now, the “marriage” between the two already bearing fruit. Their work comes under the name HTC Sensation XE.
Preview HTC Sensation Xe -  Spec  Feature Sensation Xe
As already mentioned above, HTC Sensation XE will use the audio technology of Electronic Beats. Besides being equipped with such technology, the HTC Smartphone also complement this with an exclusive earphones Beats by Dr. Dre. HTC claims, if you connect these earphones to Sensation XE, the Smartphone will automatically activate the voice profile that is optimized for the Beats. Still according to HTC, the profile will provide a more steady pounding bass, the vocals are sharper, and better sound range.

Besides being equipped with good audio technology, the HTC Sensation XE is also equipped with a powerful specification. Smartphone is equipped with dual-core processor with a clock speed of 1.5GHz, 4.3-inch touch screen display with a resolution of QHD (540 x 960), and a large battery capacity, which is 1730mAH.

HTC Sensation XE will use the Android operating system. Unfortunately, HTC still has not leaked version of what will be used. However, most likely, HTC will be using version 2.3 or so-called Gingerbread.

There is no certainty the price for this product HTC Sensation XE. However, HTC plans to launch this smartphone in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Middle East later this month.
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