Movie Review Treasure Inn (2011) Subtitle Film

Release Date: 23 June 2011 (Hong Kong)
Genre: Comedy
Cast: Nick Cheung, Charlene Choi and Kenny Ho
Trailer :
Subtitle: Indonesia, English
Young Master (Nicholas Tse) and Brad (Nick Cheung) are small-time cops with big dreams – to become members of the respected Gold Shield Constables. When a major murder-robbery case arrives on their doorsteps, their investigative skills raise the suspicions of investigator Captain Iron (Kenny Ho). Wrongfully imprisoned, Young Master and Brad escape execution thanks to the help of two beautiful swindlers (Crystal Huang and Charlene Choi). To retrieve the precious statue stolen from the murder scene and arrest the band of murderers, the heroes go to Treasure Inn, where they expect an annual auction of artifacts to attract the murders’ mastermind. There, they meet inn owner Yue Linglong (Liu Yang), a mysterious scholar (Tong Da Wei), and other assorted shady characters that have arrived at the inn for the auction.
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Movue Rwview Treasure Inn (2011) Subtitle Film
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  1. Sangat membantu mas ulasannya, pas saya nonton terhibur juga hehe


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