Movie Review Sin of a Family (2011) Subtitle Film

Detective Cho (Shin Hyeon-joon) is incompetent and always fails to be promoted. His only pleasures in life are spying on neighbors who are having affairs or binge drinking. One day, Cho comes across the corpse of what seems to be a child on a nearby mountain and he decides to investigate the case, thinking that this is his last chance to impress his boss.
Trailer :
Release Date: 2011
Genre: Crime | Thriller
Cast: Shin Hyeon-joon, Jeon No-min, Lee Ki-woo, Wang Hee-ji, Kim So-hyeon-I, Jo Sang-yeon

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Movie Review Sin of a Family (2011) Subtitle Film
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  1. Sin of a Family seems like a brilliant movie. The trailer looks very exciting. I think I might check it out one of these days. Thanks sharing the trailer video to us. Good Job!


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