Info Tips on caring beauty for foot and heel rugged

Beautiful appearance perfect not only in view of the face alone, but includes also parts - parts that are rarely exposed though. One foot and heel, For most women take care of the beauty of the feet is an absolute must do.

Especially for those women who work outside are frequently used in daily open high heels, legs and heels smooth rough skin soft without a dream and must be made to appear more confident.

How do I take care of the beauty of your legs. Let us see some tips below.

1. Use the properties of lemon and olive oil. The trick: one cup of lemon juice, 2 tablespoons olive oil, a little milk and water to taste and mix all ingredients in a bowl, soak the feet into the basin for about 10 minutes, dry feet and then rinse thoroughly. do 2x a week for maximum results.

2. At bedtime wash and soak your feet in warm water, pat dry and apply lotion or cream containing special foot care and use lots of moisturizing socks all night.

3. Be diligent rubbing the heel of your foot with a pumice stone every time you shower. If difficult to get a pumice stone, you can buy penghalus heel made of pumice that has been available at cosmetic stores.

4. At leisure you can make potions smoothing and softening foot mask at home, how to take honey to taste, milk and egg yolks, mix and stir well. Spread the legs that have been cleaned up to below the knee. Perform 2 weeks for maximum results.

Good luck:)..
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