Improve Your Alexa Ranking With Help From Your Family Possibly

calculates the Alexa Toolbar AlexaRank. Alexa takes the viewing data from millions of people who use the toolbar, and calculates the traffic ranking of any page.

So, here's a suggestion that might help your ranking. As we have said we're trying this so you do not know if it works.

First of all download Firefox do not already use it and set it as your default browser. Next you need to set up your web site as your homepage. So every time Firefox opens your web page will appear.

Next you have to go to add ons and look for the Alexa toolbar and add it to Firefox. Now every time you open your browser, your website will be open and your homepage will appear. This will get registered Alexa.

Ok, so you are saying nothing new here, we already know. But have you noticed that when you open a new tab in Firefox is blank and there seems to be set (and we could not find one) to open your homepage in a new tab. Appears to be a missed opportunity.

However, the add on called New Tab Homepage. Download how to add on and restart your browser and voila every time you open a new tab in your Firefox home page appears.

Now, if you're like me and you surf the Internet regularly may be opening a new card 100 times a day, 700 times a week, 2800 per month.

If you have children do the same for its notebooks, and anyone else in your family and you could make Alex think that you are getting a good amount of traffic.
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