How is my Payment History page updated? "Google adsense"

Your Payment History page is updated on a monthly cycle to indicate the progress of your payments.

During the first 10 days of any month, an Earnings link for the previous month's earnings will be posted on this page. If your earnings are greater than the payment threshold and your account qualifies for payment, then later in the month, when payments are being reviewed and processed, a Payment in progress line will appear. Once your payment has been processed, this line will change to a Payment... link, which you can click for details such as currency, exchange rate, and form of payment.
Payment History Page 
If we're unable to complete your payment for any reason -- for example, if your check is returned as undeliverable or your EFT payment rejected -- your Payment History page may show a line reflecting that your earnings have been credited back to your account. If this line appears before the 15th of any month, your earnings will be included in that month's payment cycle. If it appears after the 15th, they'll be included in the following month's payment cycle.

Your Payment History page will also display any deductions related to adjustments or fees, such as courier fees or AdSense for search fees.
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