Healthy Tips Eliminate Body Odor

Have you ever lost confidence because of body odor? who had this problem for sure the answer is "yes" right? Indeed, body odor or BB is very disturbing activities, especially if the job or daily life requires that we are dealing with a lot of people, direct style deh so dead: (.

Sometimes a bath is not enough to eliminate the problem of this BB. Many of the factors causing the BB one of them stress, lack of hygiene or unhealthy eating habits. This article I wrote for just giving info how to eliminate and overcome these problems BB.

1. Always keep the body clean. Bathing min 2 times a day with antiseptic soap may be your choice to reduce the problem of this BB.

2. After antiseptic shower try to sprinkle talcum powder on the body especially the armpit area. There was my mainstay products for antiseptic powder is one of them brand Heroc * n.

3. There are many deodorant products are sold freely in the market, from a roll on, stick and spray. Try to use each activity you will start the day.

4. Drink boiled water 2-3 times a week betel leaf and eat fresh vegetables basil leaves can also be an alternative way of removing body odor from the inside.

5. Choose comfortable clothes to wear and can absorb sweat well, especially if you are a lot of outdoors activities or moves are strongly advised to use a lot of clothes that do not cause a lot of sweat or make the wearer too hot.

6. Limiting fatty foods, spicy and daging2an can reduce this problem for your weight problem due to dietary factors.

7. Shaving underarm hair and clean regularly. For the people here enough to tidy it up regularly.

Good luck ya:)
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