Google AdSense Advertising - 10 Effective Tips and Tricks to Maximise Earnings

Probably one of the first thoughts that come into your head when you hear of PPC (pay-to-click), do you think about Google AdSense. The program is very popular and is used by various publishers around the world. It is so popular due to the fact that there are many different programs to generate income. Examples of such programs as AdSense for Search, AdSense for Content, AdSense for feeds, AdSense for mobile content. However, not everyone is able to earn from the program. Many people believe that they will be rich, simply by placing ads on blogger. It is a mistake and should not be fooled. I give you 10 tips that will help you to increase your earnings with Google AdSense advertising.

1 Make sure that the Google AdSense ads that appear on your site are closely associated with the content of your site. Imagine that you have a website related to the topic: "Great eBooks available on the Internet." However, your ads are not configured and the first ads say: "How do you play golf?". Of course, there might be some people who are interested in both subjects, but is unlikely to be so. So make sure that the ad content related to the content of your website as possible.

2 Try using different online tools for keywords to find the niche or keywords that sell. It could be a tool like Overture Keyword Tool Google Keyword Research Tool, GoodKeywords, Word Tracker, and NicheBot KeywordElite.

3 Try using a wide Google AdSense ads (250x250, 300x250 and 336x280), as these sizes tend to perform much better than smaller ones.

4 "No Borders" Google AdSense ads usually have a greater impact. One way to erase the borders of Adsense ads is to connect them with a web background color.

5 You should place your Google AdSense ads on content pages. This is so because the visitors of your site reading the content on the page, but ads in the website. By placing ads on the page itself, it's more likely that visitors will read more than one ad and click on some of them (if you are interested ).

6 Set up Google AdSense ads near the pictures and videos, as visitors tend to look at this section of the site.

7 Try to prevent using a very bright ads, because visitors will leave the site quickly and might not return to it. Of course, the bright ads visitor can draw your ads, but it is not worth the long roku.Posjetitelj be distracted and distracting site due to the fact that you draw too much attention to making money, not the content of your site. Your visitor is not interested in profits only in the content of your site. So try to be comfortable for him to read the page.

8 Monitor your Google AdSense ads and use all the different tools that Google provides. Google gives you up to 200 customized channels, you need to experiment and their position in order to determine, in any way will have the greatest possible profit.

9 It is always a good idea to make your visitors the ability to search your site. When you use the AdSense search box, you're going to get paid for visitors who click on ads on search results page.

10 Do not rely on one stranici.Više web sites have more pages on the web, the greater the potential of your AdSense ads will be clicked. Thus, the more likely you will have to increase their earnings.

Stay tuned for more information about Google AdSense and various other ways of making money online!
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