Edu : Facial beauty care tips

You like to do facials at the salon treatments to address a wide range of your skin problems? Almost all women answered 'yes'. But the actual facial treatment you can do yourself at home, as long enough to know what ingredients are needed. Besides using mask materials are sold, you can perform simple maintenance with fruit or homemade natural materials which would be safer because no chemical.

Betel leaf

In order for your face smooth and free of diligent pimples do not forget to clean your face. Overnight or whatever you tired try to always wash your face so as not to dirt and germs that cause acne are attached. Try soaking some betel leaves in hot water in the basin, then lift and Steam your face, your face afterwards will feel fresh and free of germs.

Yam mask or cucumber

Yam had always been known to overcome the black spots on the face. So even cucumber. Memblendernya you live, then smear on the face to black spots on his face faded. Treatment with cucumber bengkoang or blender, good for those who actively work outside the chamber. Bengkoang or cucumber juice effects of cold, it will feel cool in the face just after you wear it.

Lime slices

Oranges contain vitamin C is good for the skin. Aside from being a natural antioxidant, lemon slices evenly on the skin of the face and entire body to lift dead skin cells. Stick a lime wedge on the face let sit until dry, then rinse with lukewarm water to open pores. After that, rinse again with cold water to close pores.


Tea is useful to refresh tired eyes, you just put a bag of cold tea bags that have been directly on the eyelid. As I lay down, you at once do facial skin care and mata.Teh that contain tannins are very good for sun burned skin, tightening the lips, skin care for face and black hair. How: Inapkan cup of strong tea overnight. Then apply the tea water all over face and body. Allow to dry by itself. Rinse with warm water to open the pores of the skin, then rinse with plain water.
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