Edu : Benefits of Oranges For Beauty

Who is not familiar citrus fruits. Sour taste is sweet and fresh almost made ​​everyone like him. Did you know that citrus fruits are not only healthy but the content in Citrus fruit is also beneficial for skin beauty and our bodies.

One of them with vitamin C it contains. Vitamin C is one of the natural antioxidants which can counteract free radicals in the body. Vitamin C in the manufacture of cosmetic products can be trusted to lighten skin color and make skin smoother, and preventing formation of black spots on skin.

Diligent eating fresh citrus fruit which contains Vitamin C may also help increase the production of collagen in the skin so the skin remains elasticity and youthfulness of your skin was awake.

Brewed tea warm with a squeeze of lemon juice are believed to help your diet program. Try to also make a mask of beauty citrus fruits, especially for the face shiny or oily, the way he squeezed lemon to taste and rub on the face that has been cleaned, 1 or 2 weeks to help overcome the problem of excess oil.

You are tired and swollen legs, try to soak your feet in warm water that has been given a lemon or lime. Besides being able to make more fresh legs can also help smooth the skin around your feet.

May be useful:)
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