Best WordPress Shopping Cart Plugins For Your Blog Or Website

selling their own products through your WordPress blog has never been easier. There are some free and easy to use shopping cart add-ons allow you to sell your products and services on-line through the WordPress web site.

a month ago, I was looking for a WordPress plugin cart (software) to build an online store to promote and sell their products and services. After hours-long search, I found some solutions that could solve my problem. Here are the best ways to add a shopping cart to your WordPress blog I found.

WP Auctions

There is no listing fees, seller fees, final value fees, gallery fees or any other fees when using this handy plugin. This innovative ecommerce plugins for WordPress allows you to host auctions on your blog or website easy and free. Do not forget to register your plugin WP Auctions with Live. This will help generate some traffic to your website. One item at a time in the cart is the only disadvantage of this amendment.


Artpal is a free WordPress plugin shopping cart for artists who want to sell their work online. This allows easy integration with PayPal only adresu.Dodatak offers real-time sales updates as soon as the item sells, and to prevent it is not sold twice.


There is no generation or paste when using this supplement because it is in the post editor. Include addition of shopping cart feature to your blog. Note that integrates with PayPal and Google Checkout.

Quick Shop

quick shop adds sidebar widget that shows users what they currently have in the cart and allows them to remove stavke.TinyMCE button allows you to add products to your posts or pages. In addition, it provides a collection site.


This supplement gives you fully automated ability to sell your digital products. Delivery of products without directing customers to the web site for download, they will receive the download link in their encrypted e-mail. Best of all, it is integrated with the WordPress software affiliate.

WP e-Commerce

WordPress This program allows full-feature functionality of the cart and allows one-page checkout, which makes it easy to sell things such as e-books, mp3, clothing, crafts and more. Do visitors move from page to page to purchase the product. Give them easy to use web site that I will gladly come back.


This plugin shopping cart for WordPress is a modified version of the popular osCommerce ecommerce solution. This allows you to integrate with existing osCommerce WordPress web stranice.Dodatka displays the latest products, random products, top 10 best sellers and more directly into your WordPress blog. It also adds a dynamic widget on your blog sidebar to display products.
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