How to Prevent Obesity (overweight)

Obesity is a state diamana someone overweight due to obesity.

Obesity should be avoided because it is not good for health ..

There are several ways to prevent obesity:

1. Adjust your diet

Expand megkonsumsi vegetables and fruits to reduce fat in the body.

2. sport
Do exercise regularly at least 3 times a week and a maximum of 5 times a week. This is to maintain a smooth blood circulation.

3. walk

Get used to perform your activities on foot, because this will burn fat on the belly as your activity.

4. Avoid alcohol

Do not consume food or beverages that contain alcohol, because the distended stomach due to alcohol which is converted into trigeliserin accumulate and are deposited in your stomach.
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  1. Prevention is they key to any health-related issue. Recognizing symptoms of a problem before it actually becomes a problem defines prevention. There are simple ways to recognize if your body and health are deteriorating. Most health related issues can be prevented and obesity is no exception.
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