Cause Obesity In Stomach

Abdominal fat is a very common problem facing today, in addition to unhealthy belly fat and also interfere with performance.

The factors that cause obesity in the abdomen:

1. Genetic factors.

This is the heredity from parents.

2. Phisical in Activity

A person whose activity is less, but his diet too much, this resulted in abdominal obesity, while too much fat deposited in the body the body without the expenditure balance.

3. lazy Exercise

Fats in the body can not burn if someone does not like doing sports, consequently accumulate fat in the abdomen so that the belly bulge.

4. Take in Food
Someone who likes to eat fast foods or foods that contain lots of cholesterol or fat on the body easily lead obeisitas
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  1. They find their stomach a major trouble spot, the reason that they all appeal to certain abdominal exercise and fitness trainings that will help strengthen and tone their abdominal muscles.

  2. Yes it is entirely right that obesity is more than just a few extra pounds. I also accept as true that psychologically, being overweight can affect your body image and damage self-esteem. I would like to say show appreciation for clearing my all doubts and for giving such valuable information.

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