Searching on Google's Dark Side

Google Google oh. Maya universe's largest search engine today (hopefully in the future be replaced by Bing or Other SE ^ ^). Apparently there is a dark side or negative effects of job search keywords from Google. It turned out that Search Engine Google has spent billions of tons of coal, oil, millions of watts of electricity and pounds of uranium .. Wew .. The result? millions of tons of CO2 poisoning due to activities of Google Earth to display the search results data for us .... Cape Deh.

Is the result of research of physicist Alex Wissner-Gross (Harvard University) who found that the average Google search on desktop computers generate about 7g of CO2, so if 2 computers PC do a search on google, then the Co2 which is derived the same as the CO2 produced when we boil water to educate .. Wiwwww. This calculation refers to the use of electricity when a search is done with the assumption that the electrical energy produced from burning fossil fuels like oil and coal.
How come so? It is caused when we do a search on google, then Google will immediately access all its database servers across the globe to find keywords that are relevant to that in the search. Memory banks on the servers is certainly absorbed a lot of electrical energy because they are accessible at high speed. In addition, of course, the server space should also be in pairs so that the AC-powered servers do not overheat ... sendirikan segimana you know the magnitude of Electrical Energy in the suction by the AC power 1PK?

Dr. Wissner-Gross argues that carbon emissions 7g per search only comes from the electricity used by a computer terminal - or smartphone - and the electric power consumed by the database server operated by Google worldwide. This calculation does not include a large amount of electricity sucked up by all media converters, amplifiers, switches and routers that connect to the internet for every few miles - and other devices. Smartphone users should remember that, despite their smartphones use far less power than desktop PCs, but the light transmitter station operator, which connects them to the web, electric siphon that can not be underestimated.

Wow .. wasteful electrical energy equal to conflict with the current government program that encourages us to Save Energy Electricity. The solution is that we reduce the search on Google. Apparently, only by reducing half of searches on Google, the same as saving electrical energy required to boil 2.5 billion liters of water - every day!
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