Prince Harry and Charlize Relations ???

Prince Harry seems to have had special attention to the blonde woman from South Africa. In addition to Chelsy Davy, a woman from Zimbabwe who was involved for six years off and on relationship with him, Harry also seems to be captivated by the beauty Charlize Theron, actress Benoni, South Africa.

Sunday (08/05/2011) and then, Harry was spotted alone with Charlize on the polo field, was held at the Audi Polo Challenge Cup in Coworth Park, Ascot, Berkshire. Both seem to joking and laughing, probably also was talking about charities that interest them both.

At the age of 18 years, Harry announced his determination to continue the charity work that began late Princess Diana, and she always tried to stick with his determination. He is regularly visited the soldiers and the women injured during the war, and deeply committed to his job as protector in Wellchild, a charity in England for children who are ill and their families.

26-year-old prince also helped set up Sentebale in Lesotho, southern Africa, to help orphaned children and victims of poverty and AIDS. He was so excited about this project Sentebale, even invites Prince William to see for themselves what they did there.

Harry inherited his mother's characteristics in interacting with people who are part of the charitable endeavors. He could talk anything with children whom he met, and embraced them freely.

As for Charlize Theron is known for his charity had built their own project to help prevent penyebararan HIV / AIDS among teenagers. No wonder he could fit with Harry who has a special affinity with Africa.

"It seems they really connect," said an eyewitness.

Not disclosed whether Harry and Charlize will be working on charity projects together
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