Overcoming Dry Eye

For people who worked long hours at the computer like us bloggers, people who wear contact lenses or people working in a windy area, close to pollution and chemicals is easy to experience dry eyes. For the bloggers to check the codes carefully html besides making dry eyes also makes the eyes tired.

Dry eye or kerato conjunctivitis sicca is usually marked by a sandy taste in the eyes, discomfort, dryness, burning sensation, not windproof, the eyes become blinded and could not read in a long time. To overcome this can be done in the following ways:

Try to rest my eyes. After a few moments looking at the computer, you can rest my eyes with closed eyes or blinking. With these efforts can moisten the eyes naturally. You can also look away from the computer and look at something beautiful like a plant or a natural beauty that exists around us in this way than we are resting the eyes, we also eliminate fatigue during work.

Do not direct the eye into the air like a fan blowing, near a window or in the field. Highly recommended to use glasses if you are in those places
Overcoming Dry Eye
If there is time compressed, the eyes a few minutes. This step is intended to reduce fatigue on your eyes. Compress with warm water may increase blood flow around the eyes. Ice can reduce the eye dark circles. You can also do light massage around the eyeball.

In addition to the steps mentioned above you can also use eye drops are sold in the market. But you should pay attention to the rules of use on the drug. Also there you are confused by its usage, it is advisable to contact the nearest eye doctor
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