Latest news ipad 2 jailbreak

George Hotz, better known by the name GeoHot already very popular in the world jailbreak IOS device. Even getting stuck his name when he managed to break the security system used in Sony's PS3 game console to play pirated games.

But it is not just a clever GeoHot ngutik in doing things and breaking IOS device. After being absent, other than GeoHot many hackers have released a jailbreak method for a particular IOS version, but until now there is still no way to menjailbreak iPad 2, which was recently launched.

The main target of hackers to burglarized also has tough competition to compete to be the first to release a jailbreak method for the iPad 2. Not long ago p0sixninja (Joshua Hill), one of the team for the iPhone developer challenging GeoHot menjailbreak iPad 2 in the fastest time, and is known GeoHot accepted the challenge.

So who will approximately be menjailbreak iPad 2 first: GeoHot, P0sixninja, or other hackers? Successful first would be more famous. Just hope jailbreak untethered to iPad 2 comes sooner
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