Klitschko vs Haye Latest News (Video)

        Klitschko vs Haye .All news and topics in boxing is current centered on Klitschko and Haye. Now we have one day to go before the much awaited face off of Wladimir and David at Hamburg, Germany. Adam Booth the manager of Haye has a sharp operations in negotiating the big promoters who control this sport. Specifically in Haye who has a clear vision of what he wants to get in life. Klitschko has never face any fighter like Haye that deliberates a hand speed and has a good athletecism.
But with his brash, arrogant, detestable, and loveable attitude in boxing. He don't care of what other people said to him. Haye purpose is to knock out Wladimir Klitschko this coming July 2. Watch Klitschko vs Haye Online.
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  1. I think Klitschko will knock out Haye. He is much stronger than David. I saw almost all his fights on http://www.torrentoff.com and I have to say that Vladimir has very good chances to win in this fight.


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