Keeping Teeth To Stay Healthy

Keeping Teeth To Stay Healthy - Suffering from a toothache is uncomfortable. Toothache sufferers can not enjoy the food he eats. The head will be sore, feels nyut-nyut and throbbing pain in head making it difficult to sleep. Loud voices will add to the pain.

Tooth decay starts from the leftovers on the teeth. Foods like candy and chocolate will easily stick to teeth. If leftovers are not cleaned, it will form tartar and tooth holes. Tartar can cause inflamed gums and bleeding if not treated. A small hole will be greater and cause a toothache and bad breath is not good.
Keeping Teeth To Stay Healthy
To clean the teeth, the most simple way is to brush your teeth. Brushing your teeth as much as two to three times daily after meals and before bed can prevent tooth root formation. Brush your teeth with toothpaste done evenly in every gear.

Use mouthwash continuously is not recommended. Use mouthwash is recommended only in people who have problems in the mouth such as gum bleeding and swollen. Use mouthwash every day would kill normal bacteria in the mouth which was badly needed by the teeth and mouth ..

Selaian toothbrush, the selection of good food also needs to be done. Food vegetables and fruits that contain lots of vitamins and calcium to maintain good teeth.

Sometimes after doing all the above, we can still toothache too. This is because the teeth are not flat so it can not be reached by a toothbrush. For it is necessary that we regularly visit the dentist at least 6 months to remove tartar that has formed and to check whether or not there were tiny holes in the teeth. If found a small hole in the tooth, can be directly patched
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