High School Musical Groove story

High School Musical Groove story - Troy and Gabriella meet on New Year's Eve party at a club near their home. Troy was in high school basketball star and Gabriella is a model student who is good science and mathematics. They both called upon to sing karaoke together (Start of Something New). They look fit and exchanged phone numbers before parting.
They both met again at East High School, when they are in a class. Troy proved that she was right Gabriella sounding number. After that his phone was taken by Ms. Darbus, drama teacher because it rang in class. The period of rest, Troy met Gabriella outside the classroom, and Gabriella told me that he had just moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico and transferred to East High. Gabriella Troy drove around the school and they stopped at the bulletin board for the winter musical auditions. Suddenly Sharpay Evans, President of the Drama Club, come and think Gabriella interested for an audition. After that, Sharpay Gabriella tried to eliminate from the audition. He turned to the captain of the club Scientific Gabriella, Taylor McKessie after first know the achievements of previous Gabriella, where he had won the race chemistry.
During basketball practice, Troy not only to focus her mind and she thought perhaps Gabriella also auditioned good (Get'cha Head In The Game). Gabriella and Troy then met again by accident at a musical audition when Sharpay and Ryan Evans in action (What I've Been Looking For) but unfortunately they were both too shy to participate in the audition. Finally, the courage to join Gabriella, Troy is also offered to sing with her, but Ms. Darbus said that they were late. When Ms. Darbus gone, Kelsi Nielsen, the composer, his music dropped the papers, then Troy and Gabriella quickly help Kelsi. Then, inadvertently, they sing along while playing the piano Kelsi (What I've Been Looking For (Reprise)). Apparently, Ms.. Darbus hear them sing and give them a chance to audition callbacks.
When the list of callback auditions posted on the board, Sharpay is furious because he felt Troy and Gabriella did not audition. Widcats friends who were also in shock after seeing the name of Troy there. In the cafeteria, other students said the secret of their passion and talents (Stick To The Status Quo). This makes Chad and Taylor getting woke up when Troy and Gabriella start their training. Since Gabriella agreed to join the team Scientific, Chad and Taylor want their friends to focus on race rather than on music. To restore them to their normal situation, Chad and the basketball team trying to work on Troy to Troy tell Gabriella Gabriella is not important when seen through a laptop connected to wi-fi. Gabriella sad (When There Was Me and You), he refused to talk to Troy and said no callback audition. Chad and Taylor feel very guilty for destroying the relationship Troy and Gabriella. Chad and the basketball team tried to talk to Troy, while Taylor and members of scientific groups to explain the sebenatnya on Gabriella. After Chad explained that they would support Troy in the musical, Troy and Gabriella go to the house of their friends again.
Feeling intimidated by hearing Troy and Gabriella back exercises, Sharpay persuade Ms. Darbus to replace the callback time forward a day (the day that Troy and Gabriella follow basketball competition following the scientific competition), so that they can not participate in the Callbacks. Kelsi heard about it, so that the basketball team and member of the scientific make plans together. On race day, Taylor and Gabriella using school computers to cause a little chaos in the scientific competitions and basketball competitions. Since both the competition was postponed, Troy and Gabriella rush to the auditorium when Ryan and Sharpay have completed their action (Bop To The Top), and was pleased that their plan worked. Troy and Gabriella then allowed to audition after Ms.Darbus (Breaking Free). They acted so well that Ms. Darbus deliver on their primary role and make Ryan and Sharpay a stuntman. Troy and Gabriella then won in their respective competitions, and the movie ends when the entire East High students gathered in the hall to celebrate together (We're All In This Together).
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