Helen Mirren The secret Beautiful and Sexy

Helen Mirren - Old age does not mean someone can not perform to the maximum. The proof, actress Helen Mirren, who is now 65 years old, has just been named as the Sexiest Women!

In a poll conducted by isme.com, this beautiful woman to occupy the top position in the category of 'Sexiest Women in the Top 50 Year'. Mirren compete fiercely with the model Twiggy (61 years), who was second,

Both stars are followed by ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS star, Joanna Lumley in third place. The sexy Kim Cattrall (54 years) from Sex and the City closed the ranks of the Top 5 this poll.

Several other stars who also ranks the top 20 sexiest women 'special' is Michelle Pfeiffer, Emma Thompson, and Lorraine Kelly. "Aged 50 years does not mean we no longer fashionable and feel sexy," said Sarah Prowse, director isme.com. Agree
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