Complications of Diabetes Mellitus

Complications of Diabetes Mellitus - Diabetes Mellitus (DM) with characteristic hyperglycemia (high blood sugar levels) can lead to various complications of acute complications (occurring suddenly) and chronic complications (occurring in chronically).

Acute complications can be:

1.Hipoglikemia the falling levels of blood sugar <60 mg / dl

2.Keto diabetic acidosis (KAD) is DM with metabolic acidosis and hiperketogenesis

3.Koma lacto acidosis that is loss of consciousness caused by hypoxia hyperlactatemia.

4.Koma hyperosmolar non Ketotik, symptoms similar to No. 2 and 3 just is not there hiperketogenesis and hyperlactatemia.

Chronic Complications:

It usually occurs in people with uncontrolled diabetes mellitus in a period of less than 5 years. Can be divided according to blood vessels and neural Based on the hit or the organ. The division simply as follows:

1. Makroangiopati, the large blood vessels (blood vessels that can be seen microscopically), among others, the blood vessels of the heart / coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular / stroke, and peripheral blood vessels / Peripheral Artery Disease.

2. Microangiopathic, the microscopic blood vessels such as diabetic retinopathy (on the retina of the eye) and diabetic nephropathy (the kidney).

3. Neuropathy, the peripheral nerves. Patients may complain of feeling in feet / hands is reduced or thick in the legs or feet were burning / vibrate itself.

Besides above, the chronic complications of DM can be divided based on the organ affected is

1.Kulit: furuncle, karbunkel, itching, shinspot (dermopati diabetic: black spots on the skin area of ​​the shin), necrobiosis lipoidica diabeticorum (oval sores, chronic, white edge), cellulitis gangrene,

2.Kepala/otak: stroke, with any deficit neurologinya

3.Mata: convex lens during hyperglycemia (myopia-reversible, irreversible katarax), glaucoma, vitreous hemorrhage corpus, DM retinopathy (non proliperative, makulopati, proliferative), N 2,3,6 (neuritis optics) & other nerve centralis

4. Nose: olfactory decline

5.Mulut: dry mouth, thick saliva = verostamia diabetic, Tongue (thick, rugae, taste disturbance), gingival (edematus, scarlet, gingivitis, atrophy), periodontium (periodontitis makroangiopati), dental (Dental caries)

6.Jantung: Coronary Heart Disease, Silent infarction 40% kr autonomic neuropathy, diabetic cardiomyopathy (heart disease diabetic)

7. Lung: vulnerable Tuberculosis (TB) with a variety of pulmonary complications.

8. Digestive: Gastrointestinal (esophageal neuropathy, diabetic gastroparese (gastroparese diabeticum), gastroatropi, diabetic diarrhea)

9. Kidney and urinary tract: diabetic neuropathy, syndrome kiemmelstiel Wilson, pyelonephritis, necrotizing pappilitis, Diabetic Neurogenic Vesical Disfunction, urinary tract infection, erectile dysfunction / impotence, vulvitis.

10. Nerves: Peripheral: paresthesia, anesthesia, neuropathy gloves, stockings, neuropathy, kramp

11. Joints: poliarthritis

12. Diabetic foot (diabetic foot), is a combination makroangiopati, mikroangopati, neuropathy and infection of the feet.
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