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Gabriel Montoya: Mosley will look to hit and clinch as much as possible making this ugly early on. In the middle of the fight, Manny will find his rhythm and lay down a beating bad enough to prompt Mosley’s corner to stop it in the 11th.
German Villasenor: Manny in a closer than expected decision. I give Mosley a good shot within the first four rounds- it all goes downhill incrementally from there. Mosley does get in some hard shots in spots to get Manny in some trouble. In turn, Manny gets up to the challenge, pulling away in the second half of the fight to a clear decision win.

Alec Kohut: Pacquiao by stoppage, tenth round. Pacquiao will stick and move throughout the first three rounds until he feels he’s out of the “danger zone.” At that point, he will begin throwing more combinations and I expect a knockdown when Mosley is trying to counter after a combination and Pacquiao catches him off balance. Mosley might be truly hurt at any point but the sheer accumulation of punches and their damage will cause the fight to be stopped during or in the corner following round ten.
Luis Cortes III:Pac-Man TKO, round eight.
Matthew Paras: I like Pacquiao by decision. The majority of the hype for this fight has been whether or not Manny Pacquiao can be the first to stop Shane Mosley. Ever since Pacquiao’s jump to higher weight classes, we have seen his lateral movement improve under Freddie Roach. Look for that to disrupt Mosley’s pace, which has troubled him in the past. Also, Mosley has never reacted well when taking the first shot despite having an iron chin. Pacquiao’s left hand will keep Mosley out of range, similar to how Floyd Mayweather’s right hand and Winky Wright’s jab were successful. Mosley might have a puncher’s chance but the fight will most likely be a wide blowout in Pacquiao’s favor.

Steve Kim: I will be bold; I think the activity and youth will swarm Mosley late. I think Pacquiao wins via 11th round stoppage.
Ryan Maquiñana: You can never count out a future Hall of Famer like Mosley, who I wouldn’t necessarily consider shot in terms of having been through a series of wars but definitely past his prime, as far as his reflexes and speed are concerned. Pacquiao, on the other hand, is at the top of his game and if anyone at Sportsbook is hoping to catch an unfocused Pac-Man, they didn’t see his training camp, which was much better than his last one against Antonio Margarito. I think Mosley’s best shot is to do things that will take Manny out of his comfort zone. In other words, while Shane’s one of the cleanest fighters ever, I think he has to make it an ugly fight where he holds, uses his forearms and elbows inside, leads with his head, and mixes it up with the occasional potshot. If Mosley thinks he will control the pace in a boxing match or be able to counterpunch off the back foot, however, I think he’s going to be outgunned on the outside. Pacquiao will neutralize Mosley’s reach advantage with his faster hands and this stage of his career, faster feet. He’ll be in and out of the danger zone all night long before Shane can strike and I think Manny will eventually wear him down. I’m going with Pacquiao by late-round stoppage.

Allan Scotto: Mosley stands strong for the first five rounds, then “Pac-Man,” with his constant barrage of punches, wears him down. The fight gets stopped in the eighth or ninth round and Floyd Mayweather goes deeper into hiding.

Marty Mulcahey: Team Pacquiao is not about under or overselling its man and has have been very pleased with preparations and expressed confidence about victory. Pacquiao’s angles and speed will make Mosley look as if he were punching underwater. Let’s face it; a Mosley who struggled with the awkward fighting styles of Ricardo Mayorga and Sergio Mora will be baffled by Pacquiao’s attacking angles…and Mayorga and Mora are slow! Pacquiao will dart in and out of range, leaving Mosley to swing at air. Yes, Mosley can still stun Pacquiao with a punch but he does not have the follow-up vigor to stop high-level foes when he gets them hurt. I still believe in Mosley’s toughness, so I will pick him to last the distance unless the classy Naazim Richardson calls a halt to the fight.

Coyote Duran: When I first heard Manny Pacquiao was defending a welterweight title against Shane Mosley, a fighter who’s unquestionably given us so much great action and so many terrific moments in the ring, I had to laugh. It’s a sobering consideration but this is also the same Mosley who couldn’t squeak out a win over Sergio Mora and failed to capitalize on a brief advantage over Floyd Mayweather, one fight prior. Granted, Mosley has only fought three times in two years but hasn’t actually won a fight in two years, so for this, he gets a shot at an alleged "world title"? Ohhhhhh-KAY...

So why am I sort of regretting NOT painting Pacquiao-Mosley now?

Long story short, Pacquiao is frustrated. Other than Mayweather, who else do YOU fans think he should fight? I mean, real worthy challengers who might have a glimmer of a chance are few and far between and even if you can think of someone who might just give "Pac-Man" a run for his money, odds are they’re promotionally unavailable (if you know what I mean...). Mosley wanted to prove he’s not done and bless his heart (and I do mean "heart") for it.

What made some of Mosley’s best opposition too daunting for him? Fighters not unlike him: boxers. Sure, Mosley’s still got power, if not so much his daunted speed anymore, but at one time, it was all about the boxing. The quick, stinging jab. The jolting left hook. The excitable flurries. Yet, with the exception of Oscar De La Hoya and Luis Collazo, pure boxers have always had Mosley’s number, from the late, great Vernon Forrest (who also administered Mosley’s first loss) to Winky Wright to Mayweather to Mora (and even a very good boxer in Miguel Cotto). The brawlers, on the other hand, sealed their fates by facing "Sugar Shane." Mosley damn near got a marriage proposal from HBO’s Larry Merchant when the former separated Ricardo Mayorga from his senses and Antonio Margarito, shaken resolve or not, due to plasterized gloves, fell into Mosley’s web, only to get taken out.

Why are these variables important? Because how this fight ends depends on which Manny Pacquiao shows up- the boxer/chocolate to trainer Freddie Roach’s peanut butter or the forward-moving/punching freight train. If I were Manny, I would box my ass off. If I were Mosley, I’d force Pacquiao into a brawl...and have a little faith in 2011 being the "Year of the Upsets,” thus far. If magic can happen for Victor Ortiz, Orlando Salido and Nobuhiro Ishida, it can sure as hell happen for Mosley. My pick? If Pacquiao boxes, he takes nine rounds to three. Pacquiao won’t be able to knock out Mosley but might be fine in taking control and carrying his opponent out of pure respect. If Pacquiao opts to brawl, look for Pacquiao to eke out a dental floss-thin lead, with surprising dividends for Mosley...perhaps that thin a decision that the crowd and Showtime’s broadcast crew miiiiiiiiight just not entirely agree with. If the latter comes off, look for a rematch sometime in September, to the delight of the masses.
Manny Pacquiao- 10/100%
Shane Mosley- 0/0%
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