About Anemia (Treatment Prevention and Causes)

       Anemia is a condition in which a number of red blood cells is below normal (lack of red blood cell production). Danger of very severe anemia can cause heart damage, brain and other organs, it can even cause death.
How Prevention of Anemia
How Prevention of Anemia

So important enough for us to know the symptoms of anemia, the cause and how to prevent and treat anemia. Here we describe in detail here.

Anemia causes

Anemia caused by blood loss, (iron deficiency) or destruction of red blood cells faster than normal. This condition does not occur suddenly, but through several stages. At first, the deposits of iron in the body decreases, to reduce the production of hemoglobin and red blood cells slowly.

The condition can be caused by:

    * Lack of food consumed
    which contains iron, vitamin B12, folic acid and vitamin C, the elements necessary for the formation of red blood cells.

    - Iron deficiency is the leading cause of anemia.
    About 20% women, 50% of pregnant women and 3% of men have iron deficiency.

    - Not eating meat (vegetarian)
    Can cause you to lack vitamin B12, the type of vitamin that is only found in animal foods (meat, fish, eggs, milk).
    Among non-vegetarian, almost no vitamin deficiency is because its reserves sufficient for the production of blood cells up to five years.

    - Folic acid is available in many foods
    but mainly found in the liver and green vegetables raw.

    * Excessive menstrual blood
    Women who are menstruating because of risk of iron deficiency anemia if her menstrual blood a lot and he did not have enough iron inventories.

    * Pregnancy
    Women who are pregnant because of fetal anemia prone to absorb iron and vitamins for growth.

    * Disease
    A disease that causes constant bleeding in the digestive tract such as gastritis, appendicitis, etc. can cause anemia.

    * Certain drugs
    Several types of drugs can cause gastric bleeding (aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, etc.). Other drugs can cause problems in absorption of iron and vitamins (antacid, birth control pills, anti-arthritis drugs, etc.).

    * Operating taking part or all of the stomach (gastrectomy)
    This can cause anemia because the body absorbs less iron and vitamin B12.

    * Chronic inflammatory disease
    such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, kidney disease, thyroid gland problems, some types of cancer and other diseases can cause anemia because they influence the formation of red blood cells.

Causes of Anemia in Children

In children, anemia occurs due to:
- Hookworm infection,
- Malaria, or
- Dysentery which caused severe blood shortage.

In addition to iron deficiency, there are 2 types of anemia are more common in children:

    1. Aplastic anemia

    Occurs when cells that produce red blood grains (in the spinal cord) is not functioning properly. This can occur because of viral infection, radiation, chemotherapy, or as a result of the use of certain medications.

    2. Haemolytic anemia

    Occurs when red blood cells were destroyed at an early stage, much faster than the body's ability to update it. The cause of haemolytic anemia is a variety, can be congenital, such as thalassemia sickle cell anemia. In other cases, such as a reaction to an infection or certain drugs, red blood cells destroyed by the body's antibodies.

    Anemia Symptoms

Anemic body will show symptoms such as:
- Front white
- Tired / Fatigue
- Lack of energy / fatigue
- Drowsiness
- Headache
- Easy tired when exercising
- Difficult concentration
- Easy to forget
- The color of the skin and the whites of the eye cornea appears yellowish
- Bone pain
In more severe cases, anemia causes accelerated heartbeat, wheezing and fainting.

How Prevention of Anemia

    Anemia can be prevented by:
    - Eating a balanced nutritious diet with sufficient iron intake to meet the needs of the body.
    - Iron can be obtained by eating meat (especially red meat) like a cow.
    - Iron can also be found in dark green vegetables like spinach and kale, beans, peas, and beans.

Need we note that the iron contained in meat is more readily absorbed than iron in vegetables or in processed foods such as cereals fortified with iron.

Drugs for Anemia

    60 grams of red spinach leaves boiled with water to taste, add 1 chicken egg yolk and then eaten.
    Usage: Consumption regularly 2 times a day

    Enough chicken liver and 10 grains angco boiled / steamed and then eaten.
    Usage: Consumption regularly 2 times a day

About Anemia (Treatment Prevention and Causes)
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