Kleptomania definition, symptoms, causes, and treatment

    Most people put Kleptomania or Kleptomaniac is identical with the act of stealing, shoplifting, or any other equivalent term. People with impaired Kleptomania equated with thieves because other people like to take things without permission of the owner.

Judging from the home he said, Klepto is meant to steal and mania are continuous encouragement. People with Kleptomania always felt the encouragement of excessive and continuing to steal. If his intention was not realized, Kleptomania sufferers will feel uncomfortable, restless, even anxious, said one psychologist.

Goods taken by a Kleptomania is not a high value, usually small items taken goods and worthless, or at least the stuff that they think is not berharga.Karena that they often feel no stealing, but taking action without prior permission by the Kleptomania still in. category of theft.

Even so, are called upon to people not equate people with Kleptomania and shoplifters with real thief. Of course between the two are very different. People with Kleptomania steal on impulse to steal the excessive and sometimes do not realize what they are doing, while shoplifters stealing on the basis of need or because they want to have a good, but could not afford.


Kleptomania term, can only be addressed to children of primary school age (SD) or 10 years and over. If the take stuff without permission, children aged 4 years, it caused the child's moral understanding is not complete.
Children at this age still think if he wants something, just take it. This condition is called self-centered. When children have entered elementary school, let alone their teens, then be called Kleptomania.

Kleptomania is generally caused by lack of harmony of one's relationship with the family. For example, young children who receive less attention or less took control of her parents.
Background of a harmonious family life is very influential because children need to be noticed and loved, if the child until you feel lost love, he can turn into the figure of Kleptomania.
People with Kleptomania is often considered the act of stealing by taking and storing it as love or affection that is missing from their lives.

This is also what distinguishes a real thief with a real kleptomania.Pencuri will use the stolen goods in order to meet their needs, while people with more Kleptomania often store stolen goods. In fact, it is often stolen goods were left lying for granted.

Kleptomania definition, symptoms,  causes, and treatment

Can heal itself

Until now the cause of Kleptomania is not known with certainty. However, recently experts associate with obsessive compulsive disorder, mood disorders, and conditions of dependency.

The researchers also stated that Kleptomania related to problems in brain chemicals called advanced lebi serotin.Penelitian that still needed to uncover the veil of this Kleptomania, so they can find the most appropriate therapy. If allowed, Kleptomania disorder can last into adulthood. In some sufferers, this habit can be lost gradually with age.

It may also happen condition, the sufferers began to realize that his actions just like stealing, so it starts to control his mind to stop mencuri.Kalau sufferers are aware of his actions were wrong, but could not stop stealing, you should ask the help of a therapist (psychologist / psychiatrist). Therapy is given to change the nature and behavior by modifying the mind.

Actually Kleptomania can be prevented by giving adequate attention to the child. No need to get spoiled. This fact can make the child is spoiled when adult. Simply by creating an atmosphere and situation of children feel loved, cared for, and not alone.
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