Unique Real Stories About Soul Mate and DESTINY

I know the husband while working at a wig maker in my town. At that time I often saw when I got home and went from the factory. I find it every evening and morning in the courtyard of the mosque. Whether sweeping the mosque or center to teach children the Koran at the same mosque. Youth who see the calm was also held merchandise in the daytime during recess factory. Still, he was calm, a little smile, even though my friends tease women in factories idle. And no I thought, "Ice Man" as friends called her factory, became a byword in the factory.

Even some of my friends, openly competing for the attention of the "Ice Man". Morning and afternoon commute they deliberately work through the mosque where the "Ice Man" teach the Koran. Though their house is clearly the opposite direction. What struck me, they're really a waste of time and less work. Hmm ... strange, until segitunya. Though they do not necessarily get what they want. I laughed wryly and shaking his head.

The next day, the factory scene. When Rachael, call it so, recalled that come home from work yesterday, he secretly followed him "Ice Man" is up to the house. When some other friends asked, "Where is home?" Rachael shut up. "Nice course, their own business donk." Rachel continued her story. At that time he pretended to get lost looking for someone address. "But resentful dech, he's just talking a little time and no entry made. And I'm half dead after him, "cash teasing laughter from around the corner runag factory. I just smiled.

Qodarullah, next day I was late leaving for work. I push the bike a half racing bututku. To date around the corner, "Gubrak!" Next thing I knew I was lying in the street. While I heard a man shouting penabrakku "Allahuakbar. Bismillah! "I saw his motorcycle to weave. Before he finally jumped unsteady and fell very hard. For a moment, I'm aware of terkejutku. Trying to get up to pull from the middle of the road. MasyaAllah, excruciating pain. But I still forced myself to move. Because honestly I'm worried about penabrakku. He remained motionless. Had I noticed my bike wheel shimmy like a figure eight. Saddle off some where ..

With a body trembling and pain in the whole body, hesitating I approach him. Kuguncang her tummy. "Mas, mas, mas wake up!" Mingled my voice crying out of fear. I carry around, quiet, no traffic of people to ask for help. Fortunately she fell on the sidewalk until I do not have to withdraw. I tried repeatedly to call, still no reply. Slowly, though I tried to turn it heavy. I opened a helmet that is still closed head and face. By Jove, the "Ice Man" it! Suddenly the world go round, full of stars and black ... not because "the Ice Man. But I felt incredible pain at the back of the head and sudden vomiting.

Next I was in the hospital. I see mothers in runag kostku hospitalized, he saw me crying. "Ice Man" was also there. He approached me. "Sorry mbak mbak hit me that this morning. Problem bicycle and hospital costs, Hopefully my responsibility. Mbak here to recover. I have also asked permission to plant. Sorry also mbak, my mother let boarding. And if I may know I have your address and to ngabari mbak mbak parents. "Yes, thank you mas, I do not have parents. I only have two older brothers. His service in Borneo and Sumatra. No need to be notified, later told me that himself. " "Oo ...", it just comes out of his mouth ..

That night "Ice Man" who take care of it. Examination results this afternoon, I suffered a mild concussion. When baby-sit, he just sits in the distance. Every now and ask what I need and what I'm complaining. Sometimes he speaks with a mother who is elderly kostku. He lived alone. He is a friend's mother while teaching at the elementary school. After the father and mother died, happened to our parents are both only child, I lived with my sister until they are placed two on the outside of Java. Actually they wanted me to join them, but I do not want to. Great house relics of our parents contracted out by my sister and I boarded the gentlemen to accompany his friend's mother.

New second day in hospital, I asked the circumstances, it is only a short answer and not have to worry about it. In fact I've seen, hands arms full of red sores that have not dried. His face was bruised and bandaged chin, and jalanpun limp. Two nights he slept on the floor, away at the end of grade 1 room, and always back to me ... a bit weird I think, he would often throw the view when speaking to me ... Two months after the exit of the hospital, I never saw him again. But he still deposit money in bu Has, mother kostku to kontrolku cost. And I do not expect or demand it constantly treat pengobatanku. I do not want to burden him, I also know the condition that only petty trading. I save money gift. There is my intention to return to her one day.

Eight months passed, I had forgotten the "Ice Man" was. But through bu Has he still deposit money diligent control. Mom Has said he wants me to recover fully. Man really responsible. Mid-ninth month, my oldest sister called me from Kalimantan.

"Na, there would nikahin you. He said, you already know him and he already knows you. "

"Men who where mas! Dating or close to the guy just never really. Mas Eko definitely making up dech ". I heard mas Eko laugh across the phone.

"Mas already knew and know the person. Let me keep you nothing and I do not kepikiran in kalimantan. Just accept it, God willing she was kind and responsible. In fact he had met lho mas. Come all the way just ask for permission nikahin you. Not all men so you know, Na. He had a thousand and one is. "

There was no reaction from me, my eldest brother continued his conversation. "Believe dech, not just any brother choose a mate for you. Brother also get accurate information from older people who can believe all this. Person, body and face you know ... you may also refuse, surely menyesa! "Again, my brother broke out laughing at the other end. My ears felt hot and buzzing, I'm smiling. My heart is so light flowery. Without waiting for my answer Mas Eko menutuo phone.

A month later, Mas and Mas Dwi Eko back to Java. They deliberately leave to accompany my marriage and became the guardian nikahku. Until the ceremony along unceasingly I cried. I am also grateful, has two brothers who take care of me. Also Mom Has that always menasehatiku and it turns out he also was the "informant" Mas Eko and Mas Dwi. He is also a "promote" me on my future husband. Do you know anyone who became my husband? Apparently he was the "Ice Man" it! Subhanallah. Eight months he disappeared was joined CPNS test and finally she escaped.

When the friend I invited manufacturers, riuhlah them, so know it turns out my husband was the guy they fought over. Many pinch on the cheek I received, gemes lose competitiveness, he said. Since getting married anyway, I came out of the factory of his own consciousness. I know the law to make wigs and the like from the book presents a husband. With him I also began to migrate, salaf manhaj know to this day. Also I opened a small-scale convection in the house to pass the time luangku.

Now we have been blessed with three boys funny. Mom Has already passed away a year ago. Hopefully, Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala replied to good deeds and making our family always get sakinah mawaddah warrahmah
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