Tricks Driving in Rainy Season

If we can not deal with street situations it may invite accidents.

When it rains flushed the streets, many bad risks that could occur by the driver if not careful. Because when it rains, usually in barengi with the light off, muddy streets, traffic jams and floods. If we can not deal with street situations it may invite accidents. Follow these tricks so that you can go quietly in the midst of heavy rain soaked street.

   1. Facing rain better turn on the lights small. If less convinced that the rider behind can not catch the rays because curahnya thick enough, just use the main lights. Or use the fog lights (fog lamp).

   2. Watch your glass eraser, make sure to function properly.

   3. Notice the fourth fireworks ban. Moreover, using the radial. The risk if the pool of water crashing at high speed, the wheels do not tread on the road surface drift alias. Most appropriate action before reducing the speed and lower gears. If necessary the lowest.

   4. Make sure the front wheels are straight. Hold the steering wheel, keep the spin machine with a constant. Gas pedal should not be appointed because when the water level exceeds the exhaust pipe, water will enter the exhaust.

   5. If trapped flood, occasionally trample the brake pedal if the distance to the vehicle behind a bit far to make sure it works perfectly. Because the brake drum of water doused like tension. Treat the gas pedal, brake and clutch are smooth. Do not press the clutch pedal for too long because the car will slide quickly. When the direct clutch release will cause symptoms due to wheel slippage suddenly gained traction.

   6. Treat the steering wheel gently and screenings sorted regularly. The position of the hand when the car was straight needle at 3 and 9. If you want to swing to the left, not once in a while your right hand grasping the inside of the steering wheel to the position ready to withdraw. Danger of if the car skid, steering response is slow.

   7. When it rains follow the row of vehicles in front. If you want to move the track, at least 25 meters before turn on the lights sein while watching the rear view mirror of vehicles from outside or within no more than 5 seconds.

   8. When cornering at a distance of 50 meters has been reduced speed coupled pairs of sein and while lowering the gears one by one to assist braking functions.

   9. Before turning, noticed the vehicle behind and in front.
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