Tips for you that want to buy Notebook

Here are tips on choosing a notebook:

1. Processors.

       Processor as the brains of the computer that determines the speed of access to a computer is an important factor that you must see. However, should the processor specs you'll want to adjust to the needs or applications that you will use later. Performance standards for the current processor is a type of Celeron or Core Duo. Processors of this type is sufficient to use the internet and office applications. But if you use the computer for a higher purpose such as for graphic design, video editing and gaming, choose a high-performance processors such as the type of Centrino, Core 2 Duo, or the latest Intel Core type I series i7, i5, and I3.

2. Memory.

     Memory or RAM (random acces memory), the greater the faster memorynya also the performance of a notebook. For standard usage, memory with 1Gb capacity is more than enough. But whenever possible, use a larger capacity, especially for design activities, games, and video editing.

3. Battery.

      One advantage notebooks than desktop PCs are the page Top with battery power as its power supply. The higher the resistance of a notebook battery will get better. In general, notebook battery endurance ranges from 2-3 hours. If you frequently mobile with your notebook then the choice of notebooks with long battery endurance would be perfect for you. In the market there batteraynya notebook that can withstand up to 8 hours. Example Timeline Acer notebook series.

4. Display Screen.

     There are two choices of notebook screens. Which is standard and wide screen model (wide angle). Options with a wide screen is now more popularly used in notebooks. For the resolution, the minimum format commonly used, is 1024x 768, especially for the website display.

5. Hard drive.

      What kind of data which you will create and store in a notebook, will determine the required capacity. If just a working document file, hard disk with a capacity of 60-80GB is enough. But if you love to save MP3 song files, video-Youtube vedeo, and photos, look for hard drive with a bigger capacity.

6. Optical Disk Drive.

     Optical Drive that serves as a media store also you need to consider alternatives. With a choice of CD / DVD writer, in addition lets you play discs of data, also helps you expand the disk space by moving or backing up old data into a form disc CD / DVD.

7. Connectivity.

     It is important also that you must check. The existence of connections such as USB port, Bluetooth, LAN port, and WiFi will help users to interact with the device or network computing. For the needs of mobile computing, WiFi certainly must exist because it lets you access the Internet in the area hotspots are now widely available for free at the Mall, Café, or areas of your campus for example.

8. Operating System.

       You need to ask whether the purchase of notebooks with the operating systemnya already include what has not been selling notebooks in the market because there are not included with the operating systemnya alias sold separately. And the choice of what operating system should be used of course very relative. If you need an easy to operate and the most commonly used, use the Windows OS is sufficient. But if you need a reliable notebook that his OS, can be settled on a Mac or use Linux notebook famous safer to surf the internet.

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