Tips for how to treat Hp remain durable china

Hp china lately it is more widespread popularity, why is that? Well maybe because of the ga tampilanya lose with hp hp that cost so I spend.
[Tips for how to treat Hp remain durable china]
though indeed hp china itself if we see in terms of quality is tertinggal.namun,, here I have tips for caring for your china hp remain durable.

Here are his tips:
1. Do not like it slammed, the phone was the same as other gadgets if you like smashed / collided either intentionally or unintentionally effect is not good.

2. Do not like to put the phone in tight pants, used often to the effects of vibration or LCD-screen.

3. The phone will also need a break, so it's good in a minute turn off your cell phone about 1-2hours, Good again to remove the battery.

4. Mengecas When you phone, if the battery indicator is full then unplug the phone immediately, do not let too long, it's going to effect the battery and will be air-machine effects to your phone

.5. It is better you know the difference Internal memory and external memory. That way you will avoid the cell phone issue hangs.

6. Avoid humid places, because electricity is not friendly with the water it is highly advisable that you phone is not too often put under the air conditioner or other damp places.

7. If you have time, clean up your cell phone - open the casing (for mobile phones which can open most brands casing nokia), take a toothbrush and clean the dust and brass charger (usually brand Sony) - Do not Use Water or minyak.Nah 7 Tips above I think enough already koq for your cell phone durable, these tips make regular phone or mobile phone low end highend.
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