Tips for buying a new car

That must be considered when going to buy a new car for us who are still mediocre.

1. Easy Parts Acquired.

       Many cars sold in the market are not equipped with spare parts (spare-parts). If you buy a car like this, and at one point appeared the problem, you certainly will face difficulties. This problem must be considered correct by the prospective buyer. Because, once walked, without considering the existence of spare parts, then the difficulty you will be getting longer. In this case, the output of Japanese cars, like Honda, Toyota, Mitsubisi, Suzuki, easier way to get spare parts, spare parts. Sometime between one brand with another brand that can be adjusted and mutually supportive. As with the output of cars europe-like BMW, Mercedes and so on-which is rather difficult to obtain spare parts with cheap prices. Where a single spare part to a single brand.


2. Do not be tempted to bid.

      Many manufacturers who offer a wide range of advantages and benefits of a product. However, you as a prospective buyer, should not be easily tempted by the variety of the offer. Consider keutungan and loss that is behind the bid. In addition, also consider the ease when purchasing a vehicle or a new car. Like the problem of warranty, authorized dealer in your town, service and parts availability.


3. Choose Products Superior.

        Find out the benefits of the goods offered, because this will benefit you. For example, fuel economy, the engine is stubborn and spare parts are easily available. But you also have to consider carefully any advantages offered by these products. Therefore, the necessary consideration to decide, whether through research, asking opinions of people or other.


4. Low Cost.

        Additionally, check also the cost of maintenance and repair of cars prospectively in the future. including the cost of fuel, regular adjustments, minor repairs and cost of an annual tax (vehicle registration renewal fee.) Calculation of high and low tax costs are determined among others by years of output, brand and engine capacity -1600 cc will be different calculation with 2000 cc.


5. Aftermarket.

       In addition to the points previously is how the outlook for the price of after-sales, whether to remain high or even 'fall'. As a rough description, type of car like the Toyota Kijang, honda jazz and other Japanese car commercial output is still ranked first in terms of sales. As for the type sedan, the Japanese car back better prospects than the sales price of output of European cars, like BMW, Mercedes, Peugeot, Volkswagen and so on.
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