Tips apt to achieve ideal body weight

Losing weight should be done by reducing calories and increasing physical activity. Also you should avoid strict diets that promise fast or easy weight loss.
The reduced weight of the strict diet is usually caused by lack of water and the weakening condition of the body. Strict diet program may result more quickly, but that does not mean there are no side effects on health.

Tips for ideal weight:

   1. Losing weight 0.5-1 kg a week, allowed the home does not interfere with emotion, fatigue, and the body is weakened. This can be done by reducing the number of levels of caloric intake per day to 500 calories and increase physical activity ... it sounds serious? indeed:)
   2. Choose a variety of foods from all food groups in the levels of healthy eating guidelines (Food Guide Pyramid). Do not block the calories are too low. Because this can slow down your metabolism and it is difficult to consume the necessary nutrients for the performance and health.
   3. Do not eat late. Regular food intake, or eat three meals a day, it is important to fuel the body. Also, do not wait because it can make you hungry later overfed.
   4. Eat food with small meals. Decrease your portion sizes will help reduce the amount of calorie intake levels.
   5. Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration. In addition to water, ice tea fresh and non-caffeine drinks can help reduce the number of levels of calorie intake every day and help you to stay no shortage of water.
   6. Eat slowly. The body needs an adjustment to the food to eat and send satiety signals to the brain. Eating slowly helps prevent from overeating.
   7. Choosing low-fat diet can help reduce weight and reduce total calorie intake. Filling the natural foods high in fiber content, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains, and limit high fat such as cheese, butter, oil, whole milk, red meat, and sweet foods.
   8. Do not stop eating fatty foods. Many athletes feel that fat intake is a problem for people who want to lose weight. Although excess fat can cause weight gain but some fat is needed to maintain health and our performance.
   9. Eat more food before making a major activity during the day, and eat snacks at night. Usually very little activity at night, if you eat a lot at night will be the accumulation of fat in the body. See diet 3-2-1 here.
  10. Eat your favorite foods gradually. If you reject your favorite fatty foods, usually you'll tend to want it and eventually eat it to excess. Any good food to eat, but eat a portion sufficiently.

Lastly ... as always, I pray for good luck there:)
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