T-Mobile G2x Android Smartphone (Price+Specs Update)

T-Mobile G2x Android Smartphone (Price+Specs Update) 
Cellhub.com is offering this T-Mobile G2x Android Smartphone for only $599.99 – $50 Instant Off + Free Shipping = $49.99!

Take your mobile experience to an entirely new level with this brand new smartphone! The T-Mobile G2x features a brilliant 4.0-Inch Touch display which allows you to watch all sorts of High Definition 1080p content in a large array of your favorite formats. It uses the heavily customizable Android operating system which has over 150,000 applications you can choose from and install. It also has 8GB’s of internal memory so you have enough space for anything you want to make your phone completely you and this can be increased up to 32Gbs more with MicroSD cards. It can even be used for gaming with gyro and touch sensors via HDMI mirroring and also runs on a speedy 1Ghz Processor. It has an impressive battery life of 10 hours talk time and nearly 480 hours of standby time.

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