From an interesting article on the techniques of hunting monkeys in the forests of Africa. The trick is so unique. Therefore, a technique that allows the hunter capture a monkey in a state of alive without the slightest injury. Understandably, orders that way. Therefore, the monkeys will be used as an experimental animal or animal circus in America.

How to catch simple. The hunters always use the long and narrow-necked jar. Jar filled with beans that have been given a scent. The goal, so invite the monkeys come. Once filled bean, jar-jar was planted in the soil and by leaving the mouth of the jar is left without a lid.

The hunters do it in the afternoon. The next day, they apprehended tingal monkeys whose arms were trapped inside the bottle can not be excluded. Kok, can? Of course we already know the answer.

The monkeys were attracted to the smell that comes out of each jar. They observed then put his hand to take the nuts on the inside. But because the holding nut, the monkeys could not pull out his long maintain the nuts, for as long as they are trapped. The jar was too heavy to lift. Thus, the monkeys will not be able to go anywhere!

Maybe we'll laugh at the stupid behavior of the monkeys. But, without realizing we actually might have a laugh at themselves. Yes, sometimes we act like monkeys. We mengenggam closely every problem that we have like a monkey nut mengenggam.

We often hold grudges, not forgiving, not easily let go of apology. The mouth may say sincerely, but the embers of anger still in the chest. We can never let go.

In fact, we act so stupid, bring the "jar-jar" that wherever we go. With a heavy load, we try to keep going. Without realizing it, we really are trapped acute liver disease.

Friends, real monkeys can survive if they want to open his hand.

And, we too will be safe from heart disease before bed if we want to release all the "bad taste" to anyone who interacts with us. That way we will find tomorrow's so bright and deal with a smile. And, we also know that heaven is reserved for those whose hearts are clean
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