There is a very nice piece of story to remind us / you yourselves gentlemen who pledged himself as a cadre of proselytizing. There is a deep spiritual message at the end of this story, hopefully we can bring back order to improve the quality of our worship. happy reading

"Ass, Kak. I just nyampe home. "Can not wait to send SMS Yayah was so arrived back in the country. Four years he was studying at Al-Azhar University, Cairo. Three years of which it passes by storing memories and a longing to Qodari. Yes, the original man that had captured his heart Madura, from the first to welcome his arrival in the early morning, at Cairo International Airport. Together with a number of other senior, Qodari pick up a new student group of Al-Azhar University from Indonesia which is a joint scholarship program participants Indonesia and Egypt.

Yayah quickly became a star student of Al-Azhar force that year. High posture, with the nose bangir, genuine ruby ​​lips without lipstick outward appearance, and skin as white as cotton. Clothing worn whatever the bloody Sundanese girl that just makes it look more beautiful and fascinating. Many older sister showed her class who seeks attention. Especially the fourth-year student who was about to pass S-1 as well as those who are taking postgraduate education.

Only totally Qodari never gave a specific signal to him. Though he never rejected if Yayah need his help. Sometimes Yayah want to ask the sister class, whether Qodari already has a candidate's wife. But he felt ashamed of himself. New've really come to Egypt to speak of love? A year later, Qodari pass S-1. He will return to Indonesia for a moment, then continued his education S-2 in Pakistan.

Yayah and some friends drove to the airport. There that feels lost in her soul when the figure of a man who had been often fill his inner recesses disappeared from view shortly after passing through immigration. Egypt is a beautiful country now seemed so empty. When the host car slowly left the airport, his eyes staring deep into the runway, into a row of birds perched arrogantly iron with there. If only he had wings, it feels like he flew and landed on the aircraft that will take Qodari return to Indonesia.

What a cruel Kak Qodari. He went without ever giving any sign of him. Is he so hard his heart, so was unable to capture the feeling of signals sent by a girl - even though it was just a flushed face and an awkward stance when accidentally bumped into at the campus library, the Mosque of Al-Azhar, and Wisma Nusantara Indonesia is the center of student activity in Egypt. In fact, the best graduates of Al-Azhar University with Mumtaz predicate is known to always be friendly and sympathetic to anyone.

Secretly she blamed herself. Why could not he just come clean, or at least send a clearer signal, for example in the form of SMS which contains a satire about love. Or, why did he not leave greetings through one of its class brothers who are both active in PPMI together Qodari?

"Yayah, you're sick?" Asked Ayesha, looking rather pale face Yayah. Yayah hastily shook his head. "Ah, no. Only the lack of sleep alone, "he explained.

Shortly before Singapore Airlines plane that would take him from Cairo to Jakarta getting ready for takeoff, Qodari sending SMS: "If you want to be my wife, I'll be waiting. '' Read a text message Yayah felt like screaming and jumping from the car. But he tried to suppress their feelings as natural as possible.

"Welcome home. So, when I can come propose? WSS. "Replies from Qodari always short and to the point. But it was more than enough. "I will speak first with Abah. I'll let you know Big Brother. "It took a month, a new KH Syamsuri, respected scholars in Bekasi, allow Qodari come apply for her beloved daughter. "I wait for Friday morning, six o'clock," said KH Syamsuri to Qodari, over the phone.

Two years in Pakistan, Qodari back to steal the country with a Masters degree in Islamic economics. He teaches Islamic economics in one of the top universities in Jakarta. He diligently wrote in the mass media, especially on Islamic economics. He became a preacher and have started to appear frequently in Islamic event on television. Promptly at six or less 10 minutes, he arrived at the house of the Kiai. Charismatic cleric was sitting on the porch, holding prayer beads and chanting dhikr.

"Assalaamu alaikum. '' KH Syamsuri turn. "Wa'alaikumsalaam. "Qodari soon kiss the hands of the Kiai. "I Qodari." "Please sit down." Her voice sounded authoritative. His eyes were sharp. "Thank you, Mr. Kiai." Yayah watched from inside the house. His heart was pounding to see the face that always missed it. "Honey, where the tea?" "Ready, Abah."

Yayah immediately deliver drinks sweet tea. His face was flushed when Qodari at him. He accidentally bent. "Sit here, dear," said KH Syamsuri. With clumsy, Yayah sat beside his father, dealing with Qodari. "Please explain, what purpose have you come to my house," the voice sounded very firm Syamsuri KH. "Thank you, Mr. Kiai. I intend to apply Yayah to become my wife. "

KH Syamsuri not directly answer. He stared in front of her youth, seemed to want to look for certainty in his eyes. Without realizing it, Qodari nodded. Yayah feel awry. He did not dare mendonggakkan face. "Last night you pray Tahajud" said KH Syamsuri suddenly. "Yes, Mr. Kiai."

"This morning Fajr prayer where?" "I prayed Fajr in congregation at Masjid An-Nur, Housing East Permata, Kalimalang. ''" Yes, already. Three months before you back here. "After that, KH Syamsuri into the house. Qodari was headed home. Yayah want to protest to abahnya. But he did not dare. Abahnya very dear to him, especially since her mother died six years ago. But he is very firmly held principles.

Three months later, Qodari come again. But the same thing over and over. He asked to come back three months later. Again, same question, namely where he prays and prays Fajr Tahajud. Today, for the fifth time coming to the house Qodari Syamsuri KH. Means approximately a year old she applied Yayah. KH Syamsuri Questions remain unchanged.

"I followed Tahajud Fajr in congregation at the Islamic Centre of Bekasi," said Qodari steady. "During this year, how many times you do not pray Tahajud, and how many times you do not pray in congregation fardhu." "Thank God, not even once, Mr. Kiai."

KH Syamsuri suddenly rose from her seat, and hugged Qodari. "I let you marry my daughter. Lead it to the street that diredhai God, the world and the hereafter, "he whispered in your ear gently but firmly Qodari. Yayah sighed with relief. He suddenly smiled sumringah.

KH Syamsuri glanced at her daughter. "My dear, your future husband submissive in the field of da'wah and education. How could he become a dai istiqamah, if he does not uphold prayers fardhu Tahajud and congregational prayer? Know Tahajud are the clothes of the Prophet, Apostles and pious persons. While congregational prayer is a measure of seriousness fardhu one's faith. You must have read the hadith, it is enough to know someone is hypocritical or not groups of Shubuhnya prayers, congregation or not. "
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