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An old proverb says, 'Shame asked astray on the road. "Adage just another also said,' Shame asked astray in the room." Really? Reality can say otherwise.

Newlyweds are the most memorable memories for everyone. An atmosphere that is difficult to remember. Sometimes it can come up with a smile. And not infrequently remind something classified as very unfortunate.

For some people, the new bride is not uncommon merely a formal legality of various forms of relationship which previously had long been intertwined. People call it dating. There are already established monthly, yearly and not infrequently. The couple like that already know each other. Even perhaps, tired of each other.

However, not so for others. Newlyweds not just legality. It is not something that formality. Indeed, the atmosphere newlywed moments of the start of courtship. This is called post-marriage courtship.

For those who have long courtship before marriage, newlyweds may regard it as something normal. After all, earlier also may have been like a bride-pengantinan. But for the courtship after marriage, the newlyweds seem so special. So special. (Kayak martabak egg!) That's what Henry felt now.

Youth single twenties are often found it difficult to sleep. His chest was often pounding. It is felt not because Henry had a heart condition. He is not sick. Wawa healthy, even very healthy.

Henry felt the discomfort recent weeks. He does not know why. They say Henry is being agitated. Why? Is it because being chased by debt? Not. Henry nervous because five days is the marriage.

Why must uneasy? Henry himself did not know. For some reason, he was like he was heading a dark alley full of mystery. The problem is, the candidate's wife is not until one more week will formally with her new life that he once saw. It was not alone. But, accompanied by two friends recitation.

What Henry does not like the way like that? Absolutely not. He was actually very pleased. Henry realized, because in a way that is, liver and his intention to marry could be cleaner. Solely, because he wanted to get the pleasure of Allah. He believes, that's how Islam leads to a street full of happiness.

But why should restless? That's what confused Wawa. He worries about being able to be fair with his wife later. The issue is simple: this is the first time this mosque activist specializing in women's affairs. Before the no-previous. Let alone both-be a pair, called a girl just Wawa already sweating. His speech was a sudden stutter. If it were so, Henry became very uncomfortable.

Well, the question now is what often bothers Henry. What could he possibly be natural. Relax. And not excited. How do I? What if after marriage, he was rooming with a woman he knew very new. Moreover, the rooms he lived in was not his parents' house. But the women's room. "Hiii, creepy!"

The confusion that was what had led to strange ideas Wawa. What if after the ceremony, he took home to his own house. He slept in his own parents' house, and his wife slept in another house. After that, new phone-teleponan, letter-twist, a visit Saturday night, and so on. "Can not you?"

"Can not!" A friend said the idea of ​​'brilliant' Wawa. Because it means that, Henry did not treat his wife with a fine. Who confused it's only Henry, not necessarily the candidate wife. Could be, the candidate's wife had long waiting Wawa wonderful moments with her husband a choice. "Do not sacrifice other people's feelings in order to cover weaknesses!" Length width, a close friend of Henry giving reasons. "So?" Henry asked for another way.

"Instead, a wedding night later, first you chat with your wife, Wan!" Another road was already offered. "That night the next day," said Henry. "Yes chatting again! Instead, you are first asked. "And, Henry nodded his head slowly. His mind was too dreamy. "Yes. Why not be used to make new acquaintances "inner voice reinforces the idea of ​​her friend Wawa.

Five days went by quickly. Time seemed indifferent to confusion Wawa. The ceremony took place so solemn and festive. All who come are always decorate the face with a smile and a prayer. "Barakallah, Wan. Good, yes Wan! "And so on. Henry was welcomed with a happy smile.

One thing that always be remembered Henry: first asked. He remembered well the advice of friends, "Do not be, your wife so misunderstood!" Yeah. It's true. Henry confirmed that answer. If he was silent, his wife can misunderstand.

That night was so silent. All doors are locked. Almost all-in-law's house lights had gone out Wawa. Except for the lights of the page and the rooms are occupied Henry and his wife. Occasionally, the sound of the roar of passing vehicles in the driveway fill the silence of the room Wawa.

The formula is still remembered his friend Henry: ask first. Yeah right. Bismillah. But there's one thing you forgot. "Oh God, I forgot," said Henry in the liver. Want to ask what? Nanya name? Address? Names of parents? Or, the husband's name? Henry once again confused. Cold sweat started pouring. But, he should not be silent.

"Hmm ...," Henry started the conversation. "Anu, hmm, I want to ask. What according to ukhti about polygamy? "Asked Henry blindly. Just the word is that he remembers.

There was no answer to anything. For a long time. Henry continued to wait. Suddenly, "huk, huk, huk ..." Henry's wife cried sesegukan. And, the wife went out leaving the room
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