Sony NSX-46GT1 46-Inch LED TV With Google TV

Sony NSX-46GT1 46-Inch LED TV With Google TV
Here’s your chance to take the journey into a brave new world of home theater. This large 46-Inch Sony NSX TV features the full 1080p High Definition support you want but offers a whole new way to view all of your favorite media. With the new Google TV you have a virtually unlimited supply of media at your disposal including millions of movies, TV shows and even your favorite videos from sites like YouTube and Flickr. What takes this TV further than the traditional Internet TV is the fully loaded OS by google, and the 1.66Ghz Intel Atom processor to power all your favorite apps including the fully loaded Internet browser.With dual-view you can even browse the web while watching your favorite content, and it even offers updates so you will always be up to date with your software. The TV comes with a remote which includes a full QWERTY keyboard as well as a touch pad so you have full control in any way you need.
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